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Yoga Within

...The Comfort of Home

Top 7 Reasons to Yoga with Abbie Rose

  1. Learn from a practitioner who has been teaching since 2003. 

  2. Unwind the effects of poor posturing (from driving, computers, and even fitness/dance training).

  3. Work with therapeutic yoga props, balls, and foam rollers to access poses or stretches that were previously unavailable to you.

  4. Discover how to get more pain-free movement and increased range of motion.

  5. Avoid areas of injury or overwork with dynamic flow, pilates/dance type movement, and personalized sequencing.

  6. Build on your strengths and master poses in a way that supports your unique body.

  7. Safely try advanced poses and inversions.

Sessions are available for Adults, Pre-Post Natal, and Children of all ages.

Private Yoga (up to 3 clients) via Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype. Please Inquire HERE.


Zoom Yoga w/ my 10 & 12 year old clients + their pups!

After pregnancy I had a strange hip issue.  Abbie showed me a series of movements to do on a ball and it went away completely.  Miraculous!

Rebekah, Mother of 3

Yoga has been a new joy in my life, when I thought I would never have any left. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Diana, Los Angeles

After a hospitalization, I was physically weak and Abbie helped nurture me back to health.  She is a great Yoga instructor and Coach whom I highly recommend.

Susan, Nurse

I can't say enough good things about my experience with Abbie. I went through a bad time with my back after getting in a car accident that basically resulted in a permanent back issue. I had been working out with a personal trainer and had a session that aggravated that injury. I ended up throwing my back out - which for anyone who has gone through this, it is a super scary thing. I started working with Abbie following this and she worked miracles for me. Through her YOGA teachings, trainings and sessions, my back not only recovered but got stronger. Couldn't recommend someone higher!

Tara, Los Angeles

Abbie's combination of yoga and pilates really works my core and legs.  I was sore for three days (in a great way) the first time I had a session with her.  I also have intermittent wrist pain and Abbie was able to customize a routine that didn't irritate my wrists.

Kimberly, LMT

Working with Abbie has liberated me from the debilitating back pain that limited my life for the past decade.  She approaches each and every session with an intuitive mind, caring heart, and technical precision that sets her apart from all others, in a league of her own.

Mary, Mother of 2

I was taking group lessons at a studio and decided to take private sessions after a friend recommended Abbie to me.  Her adjustments and teaching informed my practice so much. 

Leigh, Film Editor

 Thank you Abbie!  I had a pain-free day with no plantar fasciitis on Friday.  So I am hooked on your technique. 

Keri, Lawyer

Through yoga sessions with Abbie, I finally figured out how to use my core muscles in the correct way.  Now yoga is so much easier.

Jordan, Music Producer

Amelia has been teaching yoga to her dolls between sessions! It's adorable and awesome...she loves doing yoga with you!

Rebecca, Amelia's Mom

Thank you again for another incredible session!  I'm so very grateful for you and our sessions. They help me mentally, as much as physically!

Sara, Professional Model

Your help last week with breath work for my anxiety had a major impact.  Thank you SO much!!"

DL, Los Angeles

I feel blessed to have met Abbie shortly before I found out I was pregnant. She listened to my body and guided me through each passing month as it changed. She helped me establish a routine to use both during labor and into postpartum. I felt nourished and supported by movement. Blessed!"

Brydie, Australia