What clients are saying

"I HIGHLY recommend EFT, and especially with Abbie. I was pregnant when I first began working with Abbie (via Zoom). I had some fears about my life after baby in addition to making some last minute decisions about my labor in the last two weeks of pregnancy. Abbie was a life line that helped me sort through these challenges and embrace what was in front of me. With her sharp intellect, deep intuition and open heart, Abbie is a coach that really guides you toward your best life."

Denise, Birth Doula & Yoga Teacher


"First things first, I am now married to a loving and supportive guy!  But before that I was going through a very difficult break-up and Abbie helped me tremendously. She was able to piece together my past, which helped me understand my current situation, and gave me control over my future happiness. I encourage everyone I know to try Abbie’s methods." 

Katie, Acupuncturist


"I went to the meeting with top level executives and I was calm and grounded. I've never had that much shift from a single session (via FaceTime). I can't believe how grounded I was...I have done EFT with different practitioners but with Abbie it was personal and powerful. Her language is accessible and human which triggers a more authentic response to work with."

Jennifer, Art Director


I think of Abbie’s EFT® as being like a laser treatment for the mind. Its efficiency and speed is like nothing I've experienced before. Her use of EFT®, combined with her personal gift of extreme intuition and understanding of the mind-body connection, has come together as something I think is pretty miraculous. I cannot express how much gratitude I have for Abbie and her brilliance as a healer.  

Deb, Composer


I had a lot of anxiety before working with Abbie...and since that anxiety disappeared, new creative opportunities are showing up.  In fact, I leave for Florida to begin shooting the TV series soon! I feel more at peace and not anxious anymore on a day-to-day basis. The connection to my five year old son has grown immensely. He understands and listens to me more now that I come from a place of being in the flow. Spiritually, sessions have helped me align with myself again. I had lost that connection and I feel it coming back. Priceless! 

Shaula, Actress


"I can't believe it! After 2 EFT® Sessions on my Chocolate Cravings, I went to the party and IT WAS EASY to only eat one slice of cake. In the past, this never would have happened!"

Rebekah, Mother of 3


"Started seeing Abbie through Zoom right after I was released from my job. Abbie really helped me deal with a lot of the emotions that were stirred up due to this unexpected situation and she helped me work up a plan on what my next steps can be to find a career that is meaningful and fulfilling. I'm glad I found Abbie, she has really given me a better outlook into my future by giving me the coaching and encouragement I needed."

Sarah, Medical Admin Assistant


"The work from one EFT session with Abbie has held - and took my singing to the next level in a way that surprised me. I tried singing acapella (which is what I was struggling with) and it was FOR SURE the freest that it's ever felt. I could actually focus on the technique of what I was doing without feeling as exposed and shamed. Something DEFINITELY shifted. Thank you a MILLION times."

Lori, Singer/Songwriter


"Coaching and EFT with Abbie are not just motivational - they're transformative. Abbie is profoundly insightful and intuitive, using gently worded questions and suggestions to guide me into position in front of the mirror, enabling me to take a hard, honest look at myself and my emotional/energetic blockages. Abbie always shakes things loose and I not only gain clarity, but things in my life always seem to shift - doors open, opportunities arise, negative people or situations just sort of leave my life. It's uncanny. I HIGHLY recommend her work."

C.C., Bodyworker & Healer


"I don't know how to thank you enough for jumping in and saving me from yet another metaphorical jump without a parachute. I'm feeling so good about the proposal. You really tapped into exactly what I needed to say during our last coaching session"

Allyson, Writer


"After my session with you, when I think about something where normally I would obsess, now I just let it go AND I feel like even if I tried to obsess, I can’t! I did have my normal flying anxiety (we should work on that next?), but I didn't lose sleep over leaving and also didn’t worry about my son as much as I normally do the whole time I was away." 

Aleah, Executive Assistant


"Abbie is AMAZING. She has really helped me grow and change my life. She is beyond compassionate and caring and has become my life guru to be honest! Abbie is great at helping you understand past connections with current life situations. The relief I felt from pinpointing feelings from the past and finally moving through them, is the best gift I have ever received."  

Chelsey, Fashion Industry COO


"Sessions have helped me uproot long-term issues attached to past emotional trauma. The healing and awareness surrounding this has had great positive affects for me. Abbie is exceedingly talented. She has both the professionalism and natural intuitive instincts to guide meaningful and impactful sessions. She is spot-on when reading and assessing issues at hand."

Jessica, Professional Make-Up Artist


"Working with Abbie in this alternative, however incredibly effective, therapeutic approach has expanded my self-awareness and as a result, I've learned how to love and care for myself better. Abbie is as sincere as they come and her phenomenal listening skills allowed me to quickly unravel and attend to the deep, necessary nurturing that I needed."

Jeanette, LMT


"I can't thank you enough for helping me think through things yesterday. I feel a sense of clarity and lightness that I haven't felt in so long. So grateful to have you in my life."

Mary, Mother of 2


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