Work with Abbie

Clients describe EFT® coaching sessions with me as "dramatically different". These highly personalized 1:1 sessions give you the time and space to make AUTHENTIC SHIFTS towards YOUR GOALS on a subconscious level. Any area of your life that looks messy or lost simply becomes the cocoon for the Butterfly with this approach.

Abbie always shakes things loose and I not only gain clarity, but things in my life always seem to shift - doors open, opportunities arise, negative people or situations just sort of leave my life. It's uncanny.

CC, Bodyworker & Healer

Abbie's use of EFT®, combined with her personal gift of extreme intuition and understanding of the mind-body connection, has come together as something I think is pretty miraculous.

Deb, Composer

Abbie is as sincere as they come and her phenomenal listening skills allowed me to quickly unravel and attend to the deep, necessary nurturing that I needed.

Jeanette, LMT

About Abbie

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Originally from Texas, I spent the last 15 years in NYC + LA as a professional Yoga Teacher and now as an EFT® Life Coach. I'm the middle child of two sisters and I have five amazing nieces. If you dabble in personality typing: I'm a Virgo Sun, Enneagram 4 & Human Design Projector. I love efficiency and making anything dreamy feel tangible and possible.


 My current favorite quote is: "Lasting meaningful change has to be driven by self-acceptance." 

-Brene Brown.

Formal Training



EFT Professional Practitioner: EFT Universe, 2018-2021

Advanced: Forrest Yoga, 2012

SRT: Spiritual Response Therapy, 2006

YOGA teacher: Kripalu lineage 200 hr. YA, 2003

Life Coach Training

Xray Vision for Coaches w/ Margaret Lynch

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for Coaches 

Faster EFT: Levels I, II, & III w/ Robert Smith

Trauma Resolution Training

TRE (Trauma Releasing Exercises) w/ Jessica Schaffer

Rape Crisis Hotline Counselor Training

Somatic Training

Core Energetics Therapy Workshops

Lamaze & Childbirth Classes 


REIKI: Reiki Art’s Continuum

Metaphysical Training

Intuition with Medium Fleur

Relationship with Guides, Marilyn Alauria



Bachelor of Arts - New School University

Philosophy & Religion Studies - St. John's College