You're looking for a coach to help you with your goals but don't want to express your anxieties ONLY to be told things like "think positive." WHAT IF YOU CAN'T? You need some one-on-one care, as being in a group can make you confused about what you want or need. You're also not looking for a lifestyle idol or your coaches autobiography every time you have a coaching session.

Growing Up I was a dancer, studying classical ballet. And as a kid, I didn't fully understand that this was a very niche profession. How was I going to be the .00001% of dancers who make it specifically in the ballet world? How would I essentially win the Dance Lottery and become a Prima Ballerina when I hadn't been admitted to a royal academy at a young age? My parents could barely afford ballet lessons, so an academic tutor was out of the question, which meant I still had to attend high school. When, during an academic school week, was I going to get the intense ballet training required to be ready for a career that peaks at age 25?

Nevertheless, I held the vision for myself. I was already attending ballet class 4-5 nights per week. On weekends, wearing ankle weights, I would do split leaps across my backyard... and I continued my "training plan" and perform and audition...until time and experience showed me the difference between my vision and reality.


Now for me, the skill set I developed while training for the "ballet lottery" would help me build a career as a yoga teacher. But the point of this is not a "shoot for the moon and land among the stars" story. The FAR MORE interesting thing about this experience was that it put me on the search for answers!!


I was intrigued by the distance between my dream self (or where I dreamed I was going) and where I actually ended up. I would wonder: Is success just luck? Where do willpower, freewill and fate meet up? Is my current experience the intersection of all three? Is karma at play? And what is karma really? Is "law of attraction" really working in my favor? Can angels assist? Are "some of God's greatest gifts really unanswered prayers?"

This curiosity would drive me to find out about more than just my ballet career. I wanted to know about love interests, health habits, and jobs...I wanted to know for my friends and sisters as well, why was it they could or couldn't achieve their goals? 

And while these were all great questions, when it came down to it, I really just wanted a formula! I didn't want to aimlessly daydream, or overwork split leaps across the backyard or needlessly recite affirmations... I wanted to know: How do I get from point A (Where I am) to point B (Dream Self)? Or at least how do I have the greatest influence over my own life path? 

It took me a long time to put it all together and I made mistakes along the way. 


But in the end, the answer was this: To not only get what you want,  but to keep it  requires working directly with YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS

Whether you realize it or not your subconscious is steering the ship of your life (and usually not in the direction you want to go) until you really stop, look at it, and work with it. 

Did you know that lottery winners usually lose all earnings within 5 years? They haven't made the inner shifts to actually hold onto the money.


Or more specifically, their inner self talk, outdated beliefs, memories, and hidden emotions- keep them in "lack," even while the lottery money should be their external proof of "abundance."

It's evidence that you can get what you want externally-- by using willpower, luck or fate, and yet not be fully aligned with it. If we don't get your subconscious lined up with your goals and vice versa you may be in for a "grass is greener" kinda life. And that's no fun! 


So, how do you work with your subconscious? How do you harness its power? That's where EFT® Life Coaching and all I offer comes into play


Why should you work with me when there are a zillion other coaches out there? 


Because you don't want to just win the lottery, you want to hold onto the money! 


*this is metaphorically speaking of course, "the lottery win" represents ANY transformation you choose.