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I had a lot of anxiety before working with Abbie...and since that anxiety disappeared, new creative opportunities are showing up. In fact, I leave for Florida to begin shooting the TV series soon!

Shaula, Actress

First things first, I am now married to a loving and supportive guy! But before that, I was going through a very difficult break-up and Abbie helped me tremendously

Katie, Acupuncturist

I had last minute decisions about my labor in the last two weeks of pregnancy. 

Abbie was a life line that helped me sort through these challenges.

Denise, Birth Doula & Mom


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Do you ever feel frustrated because, despite your hard work, a particular goal (financial, career, health-related) seems unattainable? Or maybe you're afraid of something, like getting on a dating app, or applying for that job promotion? These are signs that your Subconscious (hidden thoughts, emotions, and memories) is not fully aligned with your Conscious vision. 


How do you shift this? You could "think positive," buy some crystals, or scroll social media again seeking inspiration. But until you make time to work DIRECTLY with your subconscious, unfortunately all you do is delay the inevitable.

If YOU ARE READY to make REAL CHANGES, then you've come to the right place. Whether your focus is career, health, relationship or life-related, you'll be amazed at this UNIQUE approach!    

Clients who work with me are often: 


  • Aware there is some mental and emotional de-cluttering to do around goals and prefer to use an alternative process like EFT® Tapping to do the work.

  • Ready for change: To achieve financial, health and weight loss goals, find a new job, or start dating. Often these clients don't need any more information about what to do, they need help shifting the blocks preventing them from taking consistent and inspired action.

  • Going through something time-sensitive, such as pregnancy, a major move, or a break-up. Often these clients need a nurturing method to process the experience, so they can make important decisions from a clear head-space

Have you ever visited The Grand Canyon?

That’s me in the orange jacket, sitting at the edge of the Grand Canyon. The funny thing about the Grand Canyon is that you can literally drive right by the National Park and completely miss it. Unlike a Mountain viewable to all, you have to walk right up to the overlook to even know it's there. And it's this surprise reveal that can literally take your breath away. 

What does this have to do with coaching? Well, the Grand Canyon is the perfect metaphor for the SUBCONSCIOUS. The subconscious is always there. You can try to ignore it, you can even drive right by and miss it. But at ONE mile deep and 18 Miles WIDE you eventually stand in awe of its power. 

I'm here as a COACH to help you harness this undercurrent of power, which is vital bc it's running the show from backstage whether you know it or not. Working with the subconscious using an alternative method like EFT® is absolutely key to both goal achievement and the feeling of fulfillment in your life.       


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